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Robert K. Scripps was born in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, in 1941. He belongs to a prominent Detroit family that owned and operated major market newspapers and radio and television stations. After graduating with an MBA degree from Columbia University, Mr. Scripps worked for more than two decades in senior-level management positions with several large broadcasting conglomerates, including CBS and ABC. He acted in an advisory role to the Board of Directors of his family’s business.

Later, because of Robert Scripps keen interest in the social sciences, particularly anthropology, he decided to change the direction of his life. He subsequently enrolled in a graduate program in Cultural Anthropology at Columbia University. After attaining his Ph.D. degree in that program, he published his first, highly acclaimed book, Second Chance: Life Inside a Continuing Care Retirement Community, based on his in-residence research. Thursdays With Margaret represents a continuation of Scripps’ intimate and engaging studies of the late-life adaptation of the very old to a range of socio-economic and environmental circumstances.