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    Thursdays With Margaret is the heartwarming story of a courageous 94 blind lady who continued, joyously, living a long, full life despite enormously difficult circumstances.

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Robert K. Scripps Ph.D.

Robert K. Scripps was born in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, in 1941. After graduating with an MBA from Columbia University, he worked for more than two decades in senior-level management positions. He subsequently enrolled in a graduate program in Cultural Anthropology at Columbia University.

After attaining his Ph.D. degree in that program, Mr. Scripps published his first, highly acclaimed book, Second Chance: Life Inside a Continuing Care Retirement Community, based on his in-residence research. His new book, Thursdays With Margaret, represents a continuation of his intimate and fascinating studies of the late-life adaptation of the very old to various socio-economic and environmental circumstances.


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Thursdays With Margaret

Thursdays With Margaret is the fascinating study of the warm relationship between two individuals from widely diverse generations and backgrounds. The author, an aspiring anthropology student, conducting research into the lives of the very old, befriended Margaret Parks, a charming 94-year-old lady living alone and independently despite the total loss of her eyesight. Against great odds, including extremely limited financial means, absence of local family, and the limited availability of caregivers, she managed to maintain her optimism and her dignity while still residing in the modest house built 50 years previously by her long-deceased husband.

What follows is the telling of the fascinating and joyous friendship between these two very different individuals. The reader is treated to spellbinding reminiscences of a long-gone era as told, often humorously, by this charismatic lady. But, in the end, it is also the inspiring story of the possibilities of aging well and gracefully regardless of circumstances.

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